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Water based Coating


bonshure eazy finish

OCP formula easy finish for high traffic floor


extra matte


GW 10kg

Eazy Finish e-9

Key benefits

  • Easy to apply and clear appearance
  • Excellent durability
  • No bubbling and beautiful leveling
  • Non yellowing
  • Good scratches resistance
  • .Drying time 2 – 3 hours
  • Multiple coat per day
  • Curing time 7 days
  • Low -VOC
  • Satin Sheen finish (90% matt)


Bonshure e-9 Top coat is great surface protection for timber floor.
Very suitable for offices, shops, hotel and premium choice for homes.

Direct apply on timber floor without primer/sealer also possible just
that the color appearance will be lighter. It is always recommended
to use our primer or sealer which is bonshure e-3 or e-22 that the
property of this coating is to greatly enhance the wood floor natural
appearance color.