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Water based Coating


bonshure Sealer

OCP formula sealer for high viscosity and solid contend

excellent abradability
develops rapid hardness and allows for easy abrasion


GW 10kg

Sealer e-22

Key benefits

  • Excellent abrasion properties & easy to apply
  • No bubbling
  • Perfect leveling no overlapping marks
  • High build solid content
  • Non-yellowing
  • Drying time 2 – 3 hours (able for intermediate sanding)
  • Multiple coat per day
  • Curing time 7 days
  • Low -VOC


bonshure e-22 sealer is designed for high viscosity and solid content sealer and greatly enhance/ create the wood flooring nature appearance color on untreated wood. The another function is that it can help to fill up some small gap on the wood. Normaly apply by using trowel applicator tools. Using floor applicator or T-bar need to additional of 10% to 15% clean filter water, and it would not affect the solid contend where is already been high contend inside. Perfect match with our bonshure top coat. Suitable for all type of wood.
Easy for abrasion, it would not stuck on the abrassive paper. In future,very easily done with the refinishing by using abrasion grade 40. It is very to easy to apply.