Our Story

RELIABILITY, is a rare term in the construction industry. Many overpromised, while under delivered. 

KSC INDUSTRIES is about to change that. 

That is a big promise we set out to be, in which we even doubted in the beginning. 

We are the expert in timber coating. 

Our deepest doubts & concerns were professionally overcame by our German partner with extensive research of customized formulations to withstand the tropical weather sustainably.

Throughout time, we had quietly penetrated to more than 90% of the timber contractors in the Malaysia market especially for our water-based coating. More importantly, we had gained both TRUST & RELIABILITY as our product quality speaks by itself since 2004.

*** In 2014, KSC Coating (M) Sdn Bhd had changed to KSC Industries (M) Sdn Bhd ***

Our Mission:

To restore reliability back in the industry.

Our Brand Promise:

Our reliability is high, but our price is not.

Our service

-Trading products

-Supply & install or repair timber floor parquet.

R & D Chemical Laboratary

Research regarding water base coating


Keep with the lastest technology for future improvement